Super Chunky Blanket Pattern

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s guilty of hoarding more yarn that they could ever possibly use! My yarn stash seems to have got a little out of control, so this year, I’m making an effort to get it back under control… or at least, I’m attempting to!

little duck crochet-11

I have a couple of stash-busting projects planned for this year already, hopefully all using the yarn that I currently have and not having to my more than I really do need. Though having said that, I have just placed an order with LoveCrafts so I suppose I have already failed!

This blanket is the perfect stash buster! By using 4 strands of DK together, it builds up quickly and is super cosy, perfect for these miserable cold nights at the moment. And the joy of it? I’m only using yarn that I actually have in my stash right now. Normally, I would buy fresh new balls of yarn for each project, which is probably why I have so much squirrelled away! But this time, if I only have a little of one colour, that’s all I’ve used!

Little Duck Crochet

I won’t lie though, for such a simple blanket, it took me a little while to figure it out! My first attempt ended up with very slanted edges so I quickly changed the stitches from half double crochet (hdc) to double crochet (dc). The front post double crochet (fpdc) stitches adds a wonderful element of texture and finishes it off perfectly.

This blanket is a nice simple project to pick up and just while away the hours on darker days when you don’t want to tax your brain too much. Once the blanket began to grow more, it became so unbelievably snuggly , it’s a perfect winter make!


Any DK weight yarn – I used approximately 19 different colours, 1 of these being cream through the whole blanket

10mm hook


Yarn needle

Pattern Notes

* Written in US crochet terms

* This pattern is easily adjustable so if you want to make it smaller, simply chain less. Likewise, if you want to make the blanket bigger, add more chains. There’s no need to worry about multiples or really counting!

* The starting chain 2 at the beginning of each row counts as a stitch. Make sure to crochet into this, otherwise the sides of your work will not be straight.

Little Duck Crochet (1)

* If you don’t want to crochet with 4 individual balls of yarn on the go (it can get quiet tangled if you have to frog it!), you can wind it up into a giant yarn ball.

* Be careful not to drop any of the loops from your hook, making sure there are 4 loops at all times.

* When you need to join a new strand of yarn, use the magic knot technique. This way, there are no pesky ends to weave in!



Row 1) Ch 80, dc in 4th ch from hook, dc to end, turn (78)

Row 2 – 3) Ch 2, dc in first st and across row, turn (78)

Row 4) Ch 2, fpdc across for to last st, dc in last st, turn (78)

little duck crochet-8

Rows 5 – 9) Ch 2, dc in first st and across row, turn (78)

Row 10) Ch 2, fpdc across for to last st, dc in last st, turn (78)

Repeat Rows 5 – 10. Once my yarn was running out and the blanket was a decent length, I finished on Row 7 so that there were 3 rows of dc at the beginning and end of the blanket.

little duck crochet-5

Break yarn and fasten off, weaving in any ends.

If you want, you can add tassels or pom poms to the corners of the blanket, or simply leave them off.

Once your finished, curl up under it with a good book and hot cuppa and stay super cosy over the chilly winter months!

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