Crossed Double Crochet

The crossed double crochet (xdc) is one of my favourite stitches and has appeared in several of my designs. It’s a pretty stitch which brings some lovely texture to a project, especially blankets and winter makes. Frostbite Scarf It may seem like a difficult stitch, but if you can crochet a double crochet (UK treble),… Continue reading Crossed Double Crochet


Super Chunky Blanket Pattern

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's guilty of hoarding more yarn that they could ever possibly use! My yarn stash seems to have got a little out of control, so this year, I'm making an effort to get it back under control... or at least, I'm attempting to! I have a couple of… Continue reading Super Chunky Blanket Pattern


Front Post Double Crochet

I love the texture that front post double crochet (fpdc) can give to a project. Though it may seem a little complicated at first, once you've got the hang of it, it really is an easily stitch to learn. The stitch is worked in almost the same way as a double crochet, however, instead of… Continue reading Front Post Double Crochet


Basic Stitches – Double Crochet (UK Treble Crochet)

Double (UK treble) crochet (dc) is one of the first stitches I learned and is used throughout many crochet projects, including the classic granny square. A double crochet is taller than a half double crochet and works up by adding an extra step to the process. This stitch is also used in filet crochet, making… Continue reading Basic Stitches – Double Crochet (UK Treble Crochet)