Ok, so it’s not crochet related at all, but my goodness, I may have been bitten by the weaving bug! I have always loved seeing the utterly fabulous weaves pop up on my Instagram feed, but the whole concept just seemed so daunting.

Weaving (4)

That is until Made Weave Love launched her wonderful Newcomer Handwoven Wall Hanging Kit on World of Wool . As soon as I saw this, I knew I just had to give it a go! Phoebe’s weaves are completely out of this world amazing!


The kit comes with everything that you need to create your own handwoven wall hanging, including all the yarn (100g Chubbs Candy Floss, 20g Merino Peppermint Roving, 20g Merino Aqua Roving – the roving is like candyfloss, it’s so soft!!) as well as the loom, shuttle and hanging rod. The instruction booklet inside also gives clear instructions on how to create your own weave, with photos throughout to help you along. From the softness of the Chubbs to the pure gorgeousness of the roving, there is nothing not to love about the kit. 

Weaving (3)

The idea was to tackle this when I had no one in the house so I could thrown all my attention to it without any distractions. However, one drizzly afternoon, I decided I needed to inject some colour in my day and I just couldn’t resist getting fully stuck in!

I fully expected to get overwhelmed by it all and give up, leaving it abandoned with my many, many unfinished objects. Well, that certainly wasn’t the case!

As soon as I started, I realised how addictive this may become and made me wonder why I had been so daunted by it all. The weave soon built up and I thoroughly enjoyed learning new techniques. Phoebe’s instructions are just perfect, as is the choices of colour for the fibers.

Weaving (1)

I won’t lie, I’m a little sad that I’ve already finished it, to the point where I was quickly online googling more roving and weaving ideas. A certain young lady is eyeing this up as we speak, plotting on how to get it hung up in her room!

So, you can imagine my excitement when I saw that Phoebe has now launched her Rookie Handwoven Kit! I wonder what may be falling in to my shopping basket soon…


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