12 Months Of Yarn

I’ve always loved hand dyed yarn. The colours, the fibers, everything is just so gorgeous. The only problem is I’ve never wanted to waste it on the wrong project so it’s always put me off a little. There’s nothing worse than splurging on some luxury yarn only to make something your not 100% happy with an it go to waste!  I’ve treated myself to the odd skein every now and then, but it’s usually sat unused in my stash for an ages.


In the middle of 2019, I signed up to KnitCrate, which is a fab monthly yarn subscription box. Each month, you can get up to 2 skeins of gorgeous hand dyed yarn delivered direct to your door plus a booklet with patterns for both crochet and knit.

Little Duck Crochet

However, this year that will change!

Throughout 2019, I saw a lot of the wonderful Instagram accounts that I love following buying a skein a month throughout the year. The aim then is to use all the hand dyed yarn to make a larger project such as a blanket.

So that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

I’ve already treated myself to some beautiful mini skeins from Harbour Crochet, and am currently on the look out for my first skein of hand dyed yarn of 2020. The mini skeins are just beautiful and, as they were lucky dip ones, I had no idea what colourways would be delivered. A certain young lady of mine has her eye on the stunning neon skein though!

Hand Dyed Mini's

I have no idea what colourways I’ll be falling for this year but I’m hoping that the finished result will just be breathtaking. I’m currently toying between the idea of a massive rainbow blanket (because who doesn’t love a rainbow?!) or sticking with my favourites – pinks, duck egg blues and mustard…

I shall do a follow up post later in the year once I have purchased a couple of skeins. They are just so many out there, it’s hard to resist them all!!

Plus I’m sure my bank balance and husband won’t be too pleased if I buy all the yarn!

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