Time To Cosy Up!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new blog. With heading back to work after months of furlough, the summer holidays and then the re-start of school, time’s completely got away from me! And though I don’t have much to share in here at the moment, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak of some upcoming makes to look out for.

There’s the distinct nip of autumn in the air all of a sudden and I, for one, am revelling in it. The night’s are drawing in, calling for cosy blankets and snuggly winter woollies, surely a crocheter’s idea of heaven (apart from living in a house full of just yarn, maybe?).

After the long summer months of sweltering underneath wips while working on them, nothing beats sitting down with a delicious hot chocolate, the fire lit and candles burning to add an extra layer of cosiness. Coupled with a nice chunky blanket, it’s by far one of my favourite times of year!

All the snuggly feels

As well as an increase in the snuggliness of my wips, I always notice a change in the colours I work with. Though the warmer months tend to be brighter and includes a multitude of rainbows, as sure as the leaves on the trees will change colour, I’m drawn to more autumnal shades of mustards, blush pinks and toasty beiges. This year is no exception and I’ve made sure my stash is well and truly stocked with aran and chunky yarns.

I’ve always been a lover of a good bobble stitch, I’m sure anyone who has followed me on Instagram will know how much I love the texture they give to a project! Add in super chunky yarn, they’re even better!

Super chunky yarn for the win!

This season, not only am I’m planning on more bobbly wips, but I’m also eager to add extra elements of texture as well. I’ve long been an admirer of cables but I’ve never actually braved them. As someone who can’t switch her brain off for any real length of time, I’m already planning my next couple of blankets and I can’t wait to experiment with cables.

The raised post stitches combined with some stunning shades of Paintbox Simply Aran will hopefully make for one toasty blanket! I’ve even started swatching a variety of stitches to compliment the raised post stitches! And of course, there will definitely be my favourite mustard in the mix!

Not only are blankets on my list to make over the coming months, I’ve also got plans to include a warm chunky scarf as well. And of course, with scarves must come matching hats! I’ve seen so many popping up on Instagram, I can’t wait to wip up a cosy cowl or scarf to keep the elements away this winter. I’ve even dug out my Frostbite scarf and hat out ready to cosy up!

Frostbite Scarf

Not only am I prepping all the cosy things for autumn, Christmas is lurking just round the corner and is very much in the middle of everything at the moment! I’ve been super busy creating a number of new sets of baubles for my Etsy shop and whipping up a number of Christmas decorations ready for my newly opened Christmas store.

Last year, I created my own bauble pattern and I never got round to releasing the pattern. Of course… there’s bobbles involved! Are you surprised?!

Never too early for Christmas!

Keep your eyes peeled as in the coming weeks, I will be releasing my Bobbly Bauble pattern on my blog!

With current blanket pattern almost finished and the temperatures tumbling slowly, it gives me the perfect excuse to make all the cosy things!

Happy crocheting! xxx

2 thoughts on “Time To Cosy Up!”

  1. Hi is there a pattern for the blanket pictured in your 9-28-2020 blog? It’s gorgeous and I am looking for a baby blanket right now- that one would be great!


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