Snuggly Pom Pom Hat

One of my favourite winter makes has got to be snuggly cosy hats. You just can’t beat wrapping up in the cosiest of winter woollies on a chilly day.

The beautiful ridge effect is made up of rows of camel stitch, which is an easy technique to learn and gives it added comfort and coziness.

little duck crochet-8

Camel Stitch

A camel stitch is worked in half double crochet but rather than working in the top loops of the previous row, you will crochet into the third loop instead. This then raises the top loops forward to give the beautiful ridged effect.

The front and back loops can be found at the top of the rows.

back post-1

If you flip your work over, you will then be able to find the third loop (indicates where the needle is). This is where you will be working the camel stitch.

To create the stitch, YO, insert hook into 3rd loop.

YO, pull through, YO and pull through all 3 loops. Repeat along the row to end.


Chunky yarn – I used some gorgeous Scheepjes Chunky Monkey in Mustard (2 balls) and a small amount of Smoke for the pom pom

5mm crochet hook


Yarn needle

Pom Pom maker

Pattern Notes

* The ch 2 at the start of each row does not count as a hdc. This is purely a turning chain.

* This pattern is written in US terminology.

* The hat measures approximately 9″ in depth (11″ including rim) and can be easily adjusted. To do so, measure the head from crown to base of ear. Chain the correct number for this measurement plus additional chains for the rim.

* Gauge: 10 rows of 16 hdc = 10cm x 10cm


Row 1: Ch 40, hdc in 3rd ch from hook and to end, turn

Row 2: Ch 2, cs to end

Repeat Row 2 a further 47 times or until it fits snuggly around your head. Do not fasten off and break yarn at the end of the last row.


Folding your hat in half, ch 1 and sl st through the third loop of the last row you crocheted and into the first loop of your starting ch.

Repeat along row, break yarn and fasten off.

Using a long piece of yarn, weave through the top of your hat every few rows, making sure that you leave a long tail at either end.

Pull the threads tightly, being careful not to snap the yarn. This will then close your hat.

Fasten with a double know and use one of the strands to further close the gap at the top.

Complete your hat with either of fluffy Pom Pom or by making one out of yarn.

Weave in all ends and you’re ready to go!

I hope you enjoy making this hat and it keeps you snuggly warm throughout the winter months!

© Copyright: This pattern and the photographs belong to Little Duck Crochet. Please do not copy, share, change, resell or forward the pattern in any way. I am happy for you to sell your finished item, a link back to my page would be lovely. Thank you.