Hot Water Bottle Cover

I’ve got a number of hot water bottle knocking around my house, none of which have any covers on them. So when I hurt my back last month and my doctor suggested heat to ease the pain, it finally motivated me to make one!

imageMy sister and I always had crochet hot water bottle covers made by our mum when we were little! In fact, I’m sure mum still has them now!

Armed with some gorgeous Stylecraft Special DK (my absolute favourite yarn!) and a rough idea of how I wanted the cover to look, I set about making 6 small granny squares. I measured these against the bottle to make sure they would be big enough but not too big.imageTo attach them together, I used a simple slip stitch through the back loops over the last row. Always try to weave the ends in as you go, I hate getting to the end of a project and faffing about with this after! I made the other side of the cover.

The border of the cover is an easy single crochet. I attached the yarn to a stitch that was close to one of the corner points and single crochet into each stitch until I got to the corner. In each corner, I crocheted 1 single crochet, chain 2, 1single crochet. On one side of the cover, I repeated the border so that all three colours had been used and fastened off one I had finished the sage round.


imageFor the fourth round of the border, this is where I joined the two sides of the cover together. I carried on with a row of single crochet through both pieces of the cover until I reached the first top corner. This is where I had to determine how big a gap to leave for the top of the bottle.

Using stitch markers, I marked where the gap would be. Once I got to the first marker, I slip stitched through only one piece until the next marker, where I then began to join both pieces together again with single crochet.imageOnce I got to the bottom of the cover, it was time to decide how to keep the bottle inside and to get it out! As with the top, I started to single crochet along the bottom through both pieces of work, about 6 stitches along in.

I decided to use buttons to hold it closed and I needed to make 3 button loops. Placing a stitch marker at the same point on the opposite site, I worked out roughly where the loops would be, trying to keep an equal gap between them, placing stitch markers where I wanted them. I slip stitched up to the first marker (again, only through one piece of the cover).

I then made a chain-10 and slip stitched into the same stitch that I began in. I repeated this 2 more times and slip stitched until I reached the last marker, crocheting up to the first stitch of that round, and fastened off.imageThe size of the loops completely depends on the size of the buttons being used so it’s an idea to have those before making the loops. As you can see… I still need to find some buttons so I’m hoping I can find buttons to fit!

My next task was the top of the cover. I have seen some cover that leave that open but I wanted something that covered the whole bottle.

Along the top where the gap was from the previous round, I joined the yarn to a stitch in the corner and single crocheted all across the top. I needed to increase the stitch count so that the top with fit perfectly along the funnel of the bottle.imageIn the first stitch of the next round I crocheted 2 single crochet into the first stitch and the single crocheted into each stitch until I reached the opposite side. I then repeated this with 2 single crochet into the stitch, then 1 single crochet into each stitch to the end. I carried on with this until I reached the top, occasionally only crocheting one stitch per stitch.

In hindsight, I could have probably got awat with only increasing the funnel part one stitch at a time. It did go a little lopsided as it grew!

For the scalloped edge along the top, I did as follows:

*Slip stitch, half-double crochet, double crochet, half-double crochet*

I then repeated this to the end.

Hopefully this pattern works out ok! It was a case of making it up as I went along and hoping for the best!!


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