V-Stitch – Tutorial

One stitch I have always loved is a V-stitch. It’s a simple and versatile stitch which can be used for many projects, from blankets to scarves. I have made a couple of blankets in this stitch and I just love it!

More recently, I’ve fallen in love with this stitch again after using it to create me the gorgeous Jean Pullover by Knothing Usual.

It’s a fairly easy stitch to work working double crochet and chain spaces in one stitch to create a V. Once you’ve mastered the standard double crochet (dc), you’ll be able to master the v-stitch!

There are lots of different tutorials across the internet, so I thought I would share how I create my V-stitches.

For this tutorial, I have used the following:

* Stylecraft Special DK in Duck Egg

* 4mm crochet hook

* Yarn needle

* Scissors

Crochet abbreviations

To create a V-stitch, you will need to crochet a chain of any multiple of 3. Crochet 1 dc in 5th chain from hook.

Chain one and work another dc in the same ch. This creates your first V-stitch. Miss the next 2 ch and work another V-stitch in the ch indicated with needle (see pic below).

Continue like this across the row until 1 ch left and work 1 dc in the last ch. This completes your first row of V-stitch.

You will now need to turn your work and work back along the row of V-stitches previously made. Chain 3 (this counts as 1 dc) and create your first V-stitch of row 2 in the ch sp of the last V made.

Crochet a V-stitch into each ch sp to the end and crochet 1 dc in the top of the turning ch from the first row. This completes your second row.

It really is a super easy stitch to create and can be used for so many different crochet projects.


Row 1: Chain 28, dc in 5th ch from hook, ch 1, dc in same st, *miss 2 ch, V-stitch; rep from * until 2 st left, miss 1 ch, 1 dc in last ch, turn

Row 2: Ch 3, miss st, V-stitch in ch sp, *miss 2 st, V-st in ch sp; rep from * until 2 st left, miss 1 st, 1 dc in last st, turn

Row 3 – 10: Repeat Row 2, breaking yarn and fastening off at the end of Row 10.

Weave in ends and gently block your square with an iron (be careful not to burn your hands!).

Enjoy! xx

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